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Welcome to Pest Animal Grand Rapids! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Grand Rapids, MI. Need a wildlife professional but worried about the price? Give us a call today and we can offer you a free, ballpark figure to complete the job over the phone! Our phone operators are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, working even through the holidays. We know that pesky pest invaders don't wait until a convenient time to break into your home or commercial property, so we make ourselves available any time of day or night to put the problem right. And put the problem right, we shall! With over a decade of experience behind us, our family-run company is guaranteed to not only locate the offending animal(s), but also remove them, and make it appear like they were never there in the first place. That often involves clearing away feces and urine, as well as bedding material, and even other potentially hazardous to health biological matter. Once captured, the animals that have been trespassing on your property will be relocated, in some cases as many as ten to fifteen miles away from the point of capture — your building. And then we'll get to work sealing the property up again, to ensure those critters can't come back. With highly competitive prices, you'll find that we're your one-stop-shop for all things wildlife control-related, and we can't wait to hear from you! Call us now at (616) 723-8011 for your Grand Rapids wildlife control needs.

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Our Service Range

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Grand Rapids Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: How to Get Pigeons Out of Your Attic

For different kinds of Grand Rapids birds and animals the attic of your house acts as an ideal destination because it provides them all things that they seek. Dealing with infestations of any kind is a serious and complicated task to handle, but pigeons can be real headache because they will not only contaminate the attics, but also act as carriers of different parasites and bacteria. Pigeons nesting in attic can even introduce serious kind of damage to property as they normally hunt for items that can be used for building a nest. In addition to this, the biggest risk comes from the droppings of Michigan pigeons because they contain parasites inside them along with moulds, bacteria and also some dangerous viruses which are known for causing serious kinds of damages to humans.

Unfortunately when Michigan pigeons are successful in gaining entry into your property, then removing them from attic is not easy. Normally this is a job which is best handled by professionals and common man will always find it difficult to handle. Prevention in all cases is one of the best possible strategies to use. In case you live in an area where pigeons are present in abundance, then it is best to stay on high alert and regularly inspect your attic for excluding any kind of possibility related with pigeon invasion. The main cause or attracting factor that is making your attic interesting and easy to access by Grand Rapids pigeons should be found and must be given proper treatment. Let's discuss some important steps that can serve as the answer to question that How to get Pigeon out of your attic?

1. Determine the main source of entry
Finding birds in attic is a common phenomenon taking place in the country these days. The problem is that when houses are constructed people don't give proper attention to minor details related with the matter. In many cases houses are constructed on areas that were earlier inhabited by birds and this leads to a situation where pigeons prefer to make their new nests inside attic because the place appears most attractive to them. In addition to this many times there are structural loop holes which make it easier for pigeons to gain entry in a place. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that any kind of hole in soffit, ducts or eaves should be found because there is a strong chance that it can become a strong entry point. Not only this, open cracks as well as windowpanes that are broken are always the main entry points used by the animals. It is therefore, very much important that you should determine that how bird is gaining entry because only then you will get in a position of designing a proper strategy for their removal.