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How do You Remove a Rodent Stuck in a Dumpster?

Rodents such as Grand Rapids rats and mice will often look for food in trash. It is not uncommon to have some trapped in dumpsters. One may probably want to show compassion in such a situation by seeking to remove them. Obviously, if the dumpster is full of trash, you would not want to tip it on its side. In such case the rodent would run away on its own. The most likely solution would be to place items such as a stick or something similar so that the rodent can climb. When they get to the rim of the dumpster, Michigan rodent are excellent jumpers, and would easily jump off if necessary.

Rodents in dumpsters can be a frequent problem if your trash is left open. You might want to consider your option whether to set the Michigan rodent loose near your house environment or far off. If the dumpster is empty as mentioned tipping it on its side will allow the rodent to run away. You may also in such case just want to place a lid and let the rodent die, then dispose of it, disinfect the dumpster accordingly wearing appropriate gloves. If you are among those who care about animals, but would not like to have rodents such as rats or mice invade your house environment. A more human option if the dumpster can easily be carried, and is empty, will be to carry the dumpster to a location that you consider suitable to release the rodent then tip it to let the rodent loose. You may also want to consider setting a trap if the dumpster is too big to be carried using appropriate bait and a trap that would not harm the rodent. Once the rodent is caught in the trap, removing it would be a matter of taking the trap to a location you feels comfortable to release the Grand Rapids rodent, then letting it loose.

Obviously Rats and mice are often considered as a nuisance near homes, but if the rodent stuck in the dumpster is a species that lives in the wild, the best solution would be to call a professional such as a Grand Rapids wildlife rehabilitator or even the fire department. Some types of rodents are such as the long-eared jerboa, the short-tailed chinchilla, and the prairie dog are in the endangered species list and having one of these stuck in a dumpster would require special care and professional assistance. Obviously it is quite rare to find such a rodent stuck in a dumpster, but should something similar occur, best be advised. In such circumstance, it would also be necessary to seek and keep the Michigan rodent stress free and comfortable until adequate assistance is provided. In the case when no such professional assistance can be found, tipping the dumpster would be a solution to let the rodent escape back in the wild.

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