Do Raccoons Eat Mice or Rats?

Raccoons are small Grand Rapids animals and have varieties of diets. They are found in cold as well as in warm climates. Moreover, they make forests as well as urban areas as their home town. They have diverse affects on eco system and play a keen role in nature balancing. They are 3 to 4 feet ling in size and are found in North America at large scale.

Like humans, the Michigan raccoons are omnivores. They eat vertebrates, plants and invertebrates. They have a paw with fingers and can torn their pray in pieces in short time. Moreover, they eat small mammals like rodents, cats, fish, small insects and plants. They usually kill the pests grown in the crops and help in good growth of crops.

The general diet of Michigan raccoons is human garbage. Moreover you may find them eating birds, fish, live stock, carrion, pet food, squirrels, rats, frogs, worms, snakes and mollusks. They can do many other tasks like opening locks, opening garbage cans and latches. Since their paws and nails resemble like that of humans they can almost do all those tasks that a human hand can. Moreover, they can remover over the unwanted material over their diet which they do not like. As the raccoons have sharp teeth, it is easy for them to tear their prey in pieces. That is why they can swallow the rodents and rats. In populated areas, raccoons are less likely to get the food they usually eat in the wild area. In wild area they have pests, plants and other insects which they can eat. However, when it comes to urban life they like to eat other animals like Grand Rapids rats and mice. In city areas, mice and rats are common and move out in search of food. They get caught by the raccoons as well.

Raccoons move out during dark hours and remain in the burrows or over old trees. Similarly, Grand Rapids rats and mice dug hole in ground and go in holes at the time of danger. In the same way, raccoons can go in to nearby holes when they find a danger around them. Since raccoon eats snakes it is easy for him to fight with the mammals coming in its way. The raccoons like carnivores use their paw and nails to catch the prey. The sharp teeth help them to cut their prey in to small pieces.

Mice and rats are smaller as compared to raccoons and are found in the urban areas. Whenever, mice and rats come across raccoons are eaten up quickly as raccoons have great tendency of prey. Michigan raccoons being omnivores also like pest and small plants and if they get used to them they may leave rats and mice.

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